About me

freitagcs6 (4 of 5)Christopher Freitag began his classical guitar studies with Manuel Estevez Cano in 1977 and then came to the University of South Dakota to study with Christopher Johnson in 1978. While a student of Mr. Johnson he competed in the MENC Collegiate Artist competition and reached the national finals in 1981. After graduating in 1982, Mr. Freitag went on to study with Peter Segal at Temple University, where he received a master’s degree in 1984. Since 2015 he has studied with Jason Vieaux through ArtistWorks.

In addition to his university studies, Mr. Freitag has performed in master classes for Demetrio Ballesteros, Jeffrey Van, George Sakellariou, Oscar Ghiglia, Sharon Isbin, Pavel Steidl, Ricardo Gallén, Petra Poláčková, and Jason Vieaux. He has performed with the Madison (WI) Symphony and the University of South Dakota Chamber Orchestra.

Mr. Freitag resides in Chestnut Ridge, NY and is an editor at W.W. Norton, an independent and employee-owned publisher, where he specializes in books on music.

More information is available at cjfguitar.com.